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G E M M A & T I A
THE GEMMA AND TIA INVASION OF LIVEJOURNAL HAS BEGUN! This is a joint livejournal account between two bestfriends, Tia and Gemma. Our username (Lettuce_cheese) refers to us. Lettuce is Tia and cheese is gemma. Our journal is filled with random everyday crack that we think is Lj worthy, fan girling (but not over the top -.-), fan fiction, reviews and more! In out post's you will be notified about which one of us is posting, so if you like what you read please add us ~ !:)
Communities and CREDIT
We would like to thank ofinsomnia your work is so beautiful! If you reside in Australia or anywhere in it's immediate neighbors please join our community for Australiasian fans of Jrock! JROCK AUSTRALIA
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